Chris Payne and his family lived in the UK until August 2009.

While there, Chris was managing director of the second largest supplier of personal development products in the UK. He booked more than 400 adverts in national magazines and newspapers promoting relaxation devices, a speed reading-type course called PhotoReading, and other products. At one point he had 13 staff and offices covering 7,000 square feet.

In one year he mailed almost one million sales letters to people around the UK.

In 2004 he created his own personal development course called The Effort-Free Life System which consisted of up to 19 CDs, a DVD, a 69-page workbook, coaching calls and a seminar. This course has been promoted heavily in the United States, and also Australia, and Chris has run 3-day seminars in the UK, America and Australia.

Then in 2008 he got really sick. He and his wife re-appraised their life, and one of their decisions was to move to Al Ain.

He now works with clients around the world in 2 ways…

  • helping people triumph over challenges in their lives (relationship issues, money issues, parenting issues, career challenges and more), via one-on-one sessions, ebooks, and e-courses, and…
  • helping people turn their knowledge into ebooks, audio courses, etc in order to make a part- or full-time living (having created various CDs, DVDs, ebooks, mp3 courses, etc himself), and building websites for them if necessary.

He has given presentations to audiences as large as 2,200 people on internet marketing, and how to live an effort-free life.

You can find out more about Chris at his TriumphOverChallenges.com website.

Chris is available for…

  • one-on-one sessions: emailable brochure available on request
  • small or large group talks on handling challenges, personal growth, “What popular movies can teach us about the purpose of life”, the ‘hidden’ meaning behind popular fairy tales, and internet marketing

Chris has used an Apple Mac for 23 years, so he has a new site at AppleMacEnthusiast.com. He also has a site at iPadEnthusiast.com.

He loves making new friends, and chatting about philosophy, classic stoicism, psychology, relationship dynamics, personal change, movies and celebrity gossip – but he is almost completely ignorant about sport (to the amusement of his family), cars, politics and world affairs. If any of Chris’s interests interest you too, and you want to get together for a chin wag, give him a call, or email him anytime. (Contact details are on the Triumph site.)

Please do not ring Chris and ask directions to Al Ain Paradise Gardens etc. He created this site for fun, and is not connected with any of the attractions featured here! 🙂

A few kind words about this site…

“Thanks for the wonderful information on your website.” – Swapnil

“Dear Chris. Thanks very much for your very informative website. This
has been really helpful towards my decision to relocate to Al Ain.
Wishing you all the best. Maybe we will meet one day in Al Ain. Kind
Regards.” – Rudo

“Good day Chris!

“I’m really a fan of your site and I visit it often when i get the chance to see if there are new updates on it. I don’t know if you still remember me but I emailed you a question way back last April because of my application there as a nurse. Last week, I finally got my visa as a general nurse in Oasis Hospital and I would just like to personally thank you for all the things that I have learned. At first, my mother was doubtful about my employment because of the safety issues she had in mind. But after letting her read several articles in your site especially about the culture and safety, she eventually changed her mind regarding my employment in Al Ain.

“I’m feeling a bit nervous and anxious regarding my employment. But with the help of your site, it helped me put my mind at ease. Once again Chris, I am truly thankful to you and to all those who helped you in creating and maintaining the site. Thankful,” – Neil L