Football at the Palm Resort in Al Ain

Doctor Abdel Noureldin

For those families with boys – or girls – aged from 3 to 12 who love to play football (soccer), there are opportunities here in Al Ain to play often.

Doctor Abdel Noureldin (on the right in the photo), who works at Tawam Hospital, one of a number of hospitals in town, runs a fabulous club which meets 3 nights a week: Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday from 6pm to 7.40pm at the Rugby Club at the Palm Resort. I think Sunday nights is for the older children and Tuesdays for the younger children, then everyone plays on a Thursday evening.

The children are split into teams: under 5s, 5-7s, 8-9s, 10-11s. (There is also a team for older boys.)

Then they play in their age groups on a superb stretch of grass that I consider to be better quality than anything my sons have played on in the UK. It’s the size of 2 rugby pitches because that’s what it is!

About 120 children are registered and most turn up twice a week.

If you are not a member of the Rugby Club, you pay a reasonable fee to be able to use the pitch for the year.

Contact the good doctor at ahn31 at hotmail dot com.

(I think there’s also a young team at the Hilton and one at the Intercontinental too.)

6 Replies to “Football at the Palm Resort in Al Ain”

  1. Dr salma Abdo says:

    I have a daughter she is 12 years old and very fat 69 Kg . she likes football , can you dr advice or help me to register her in this football club

  2. Hi Salma, I recommend that you contact the soccer coach directly: some girls do play.

  3. debra gibbs says:

    Could you please send me the email address via email or repost it on here, cause when i try send an email it just says invalid email, and i did correct the at and dot

  4. Hi Debra,
    I have emailed you directly.

  5. Adam Ahmed Rawhi says:

    I spend 2 years playing Soccer in the Palm resort with Dr Nourdien, and he’s like a father more than a coach. All children should join the club and learn the game and the morals of football players .


  6. Hi Adam,
    Very nicely said.

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