Getting eLife from Etisalat in Al Ain

Most of Al Ain has been re-wired for optical fibre, so if you want a fast broadband connection, you can get, say, an 8mb connection for less than an 8mb copper wire connection would have cost you last year.

Be aware that you will need to direct the installers to your home by phone. This isn’t helped by the fact that these people speak very little English! 🙂

So I arranged to meet my installers at the nearby Al Ain Paradise Gardens, or at the ‘zoo roundabout’ and let them follow me to our home.

But when another gang needed to come to do the next part of the job, they were starting from scratch, so they had no idea where they were coming, so we had the usual series of conversations before we got to the point that they understood where we would meet.

Me: “We’ll meet at the zoo roundabout, yes?”

Installer: “Hello?”

Me: “Zoo roundabout?”

Installer: “Okay”

Me: “When will you be there? In 5 minutes? 10 minutes?”

Installer: “Yes”

…etc etc! 🙂

We’re on a plot of land with 2 villas on it. The villa next to us had an optical fibre cable running to it. But the installers told me that there was no optical fibre cable running across to our building. They would happily dig up the flagged driveways, but I would have to drive into Sanaiya to buy a few metres of plastic corrugated piping 2 inches across for the optical fibre cable to run through! 🙂

So off I went to buy it!

A team of 4 workers spent ALL DAY digging up the flag stones, most of the time taken up with trying to put the tightly packed flags back into place again.

Their English may not be great but, boy!, do they work hard in the scorching sun!!

I bought these Indian/Bangladeshis bottles of water and a couple of packets of dry Digestive biscuits: they’re not keen on chocolate or sugar coating which amazed me.

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