Getting help with household jobs

You may wish to employ a cleaner. Employing a cleaner costs in the region of 50 dirhams for two hours, which works out at less than five pounds an hour.

(I’m not aware of the specifics, but I hear that if you employ anyone who doesn’t have a work permit then you could be liable to a hefty fine if you are found out.)

You may also wish to have your clothes ironed which will generally cost 1 dirham per item (less than 20p vs about 75p in the UK at a cleaner local to us), or about 30 dirhams (£6) a week to iron the main items for a 4-person family. 

The picture below is of Suresh Kumar from India who does our ironing for us. He recently came back from a 3-month trip home to see his wife and children. He will visit again next year.

Suresh ironing

Here’s the outside of the shop where he works…

Al Ain Al Sahira Laundry

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