How to buy used/secondhand mobile phones in Al Ain

If you want to buy a used / secondhand mobile phone in Al Ain, you have a number of options

Email a request to Niala News and ask them to publicise it: this can take a week or 2 to get distributed

Put a message on the alainexpats yahoo group: you could get a reply within 5 minutes

Check out various shops selling used mobiles.

We bought a used Blackberry phone for our 12-year-old son from a kiosk at Jimi Mall. Go into the entrance on the far left. Turn to your right. Go to the second kiosk from the right. Alaa there was very helpful.

You’ll find other shops selling used phones around Al Ain.

Whatever price you are quoted, know that it is negotiable: you could bargain down by about 10%.

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