Boys and men’s haircuts in Al Ain

Men and children can get their hairs cut for as little as 10 Dirhams on the local streets – less than £2. And sometimes our boys get a free can of Coca Cola each from the hairdresser.

There are men’s hairdressers all over town, and you’ll often see men getting a shave with a cut throat razor if you’re walking past in the mornings.

The hairdressers always wear a disposable mask for some reason. As a bonus they stick their scissors up my nose to trim my nose hairs: they don’t do that at Toni and Guy in the UK!

You can see both my sons having their hairs cut through the window of this salon…

hairdressing saloon

Felix, aged 7, isn’t smiling, is he?…


The hairdressers finish off with a horizontal cut to the hair covering the forehead which can look a bit harsh. Despite me telling them to do a few vertical snips with the scissors to soften the line, they’re very reluctant to do this, so I now take my boys to the Paris Salon at the Hilton (see separate post) who knows how to do the forehead cuts to our liking!

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