Tailoring, stitching and sewing work in Al Ain

If you want trousers or skirts to be turned up, or you want a rip to be repaired, there are lots of little tailoring workshops in Al Ain.

We used to live in Kuwaitat which is right behind/north of the Hilton Hotel. There you’ll find lots of tailor shops, and if you go down the stairs, beneath the tailors, you’ll find little workshops with sewing machines.

We get our tailoring done here…


…and simple sewing jobs they’ll do for free…

tailors-Al-Ain 2

…as they can do the work in a couple of minutes. I gave 5 dirhams for a rip to be fixed in a pair of shorts. I give 10 dirhams to turn up trousers. These guys are probably earning about 500 dirhams a month, working 6 days a week from 8am to 11pm with a break from around 1pm to 5pm. So they’re earning maybe 18 dirhams (£3/US$5) a day.

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  1. Chris Nilson says:

    I can warmly recommend Skylark Tailors behind the Adnoc in Zayed Street (at the Clock Tower end). I have had several shirts and a few pairs of trousers made (and a friend splashed out on a suit, jacket, shirts and trousers). The prices are very reasonable (AED 30 for shirt, AED 50 for trousers, AED 300 for jacket including lining), workmanship is great and delivery times are OK. It is easiest to ask them to copy your favourite garment, however, they do made-to-measure as well. For fabrics I usually need not look further than United Cloth Exhibition in Zayed Street at the Clock Tower end.

  2. admin says:

    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for this great information! Very much appreciated! 🙂


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