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Do let me know how I can improve the ebook or the maps.


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Chris Payne

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  1. Sounds you are a great nature lover. And willing to share the love to others. Thanks for the lovely snaps posted. Actually I was in search of the location of this garden on line. Planning to visit with family. Thanks again for your kind help.

  2. Yes, I do like nature. I’m delighted you like the snaps.

  3. Christina Ann says:

    Dear Chris,

    Thanks for sharing your created website. I will be arriving in August and will certainly use the site to answer pending questions.

    Again, I look forward to using this site.


  4. Hi Christina, You’re welcome. Do say hello if you see me around when you get here. We’re always at the Hilton around lunchtime on Fridays and Saturdays as our 2 young boys have their swimming lessons then.

  5. Dear Chris,

    Thank you. I really love the pictures. So Beautiful. We are planning to visit the Paradise by December. I will be driving from Sharjah-Emirates road (National Paints Roundabout) and would appreciate so much if you could send me a location map/direction. I haven’t checked your main site yet but I will soon.
    Could you post more photos of great places to visit in UAE? Please? Thanks again.


  6. Hi Lyn, thanks for your comments. Do sign up for my ebook so you get the maps. I add to this site in my very limited spare time. So I only have photos of places I happen to visit with my family. My young sons are not into visiting forts and the like, so I have few photos of forts, for example. There are also few photos taken on some of the beautiful walks around this area, as we don’t do much of that right now. In other words this site will never by definitive! It’s a very personal site. So I can only recommend you visit other sites to get a fully rounded view of the area.

  7. Dear Chris,
    thank you so much for your e-book. What a treasure-chest full of solid information I couldn’t find anywhere so far.
    Looking forward to arrive in AlAin in 2 weeks.
    Greetings from Germany,

  8. heyy Chris!!
    guess waht!! i stumbled upon this site today and i am shifting to Al Ain tomorrow!! its a new life and a new career!! i am sure this earnest effort by you will help me in studying understanding and furthering my business interests in Al Ain!! thanxx a ton !!

  9. You’re welcome Stefan. Your message came through on my birthday, which was nice! 🙂

  10. hi,
    we are planning to go to Al Ain this November and i was just wondering if you would know how far green mubazzarah park to al ain paradise.
    by the way thank you so much for your site, it is very helpful 🙂

  11. Hi Fritzie, Hmm. I would guess that Al Ain Paradise is about a 15-minute drive from Green Mubazzarah. Thanks for your kind words about my site! Here’s a smiley for you too! 🙂

  12. Hi Cris, Thanks a lot. We all appreciate your works. For Eid Holidays, your meterial will be our guide. Thanks again.

  13. Hi Nalaka, Thank you for your kind words. I am delighted that my efforts will help you to have a lovely break. 🙂

  14. Hi Mr. Payne,

    Thank you so much with your response with the Al Ain Enthusiast. I will also ask my daughter to register, so she can have complete knowledge about Al Ain as a nice place to visit. She is a travel agent.


  15. Cool! 🙂 Chris

  16. Dear C,
    I was searching for the location of this garden. And plane to visit this week end. Could you tell me if it is open now… I guess it is open cos i received an email from a friend of mine. but to make it sure…….

    regards D.

  17. Hi Dilan, No, the gardens aren’t open yet. Another 2 weeks I think. Chris

  18. Narendra shah says:

    Chris,first things first, it is a fantastic idea to create ebook for your day to day knowledge. Congratulations for the effort and sharing.

    Just a side pont, could not locate much details about jebel hafeet and ain al fayda, which is where most people from other emirates head to, may be coming up in updates.

    Also, what is al ain oasis, there is a huge green patch you can see on google, but I am yet to visit. I live in Sharjah by the way.



  19. Hi Chris Payne,
    Thanks a bunch for your ebook. All the information is very helpful for us in deciding whether to take up a job offer at Tawam hospital moving from Chicago.
    We are planning to move by April 2012. I will keep you posted and will get in touch with you when in Al Ain.
    Thanks again

  20. Hi Sridhar,
    Thanks for your kind words. The hospital at Tawam is great. I’ll get a new edition of the ebook completed soon as there are tons of posts on the site which aren’t in the current issue of the ebook.

  21. Hi Narendra,
    Thanks for your message. I’m sorry but I don’t know much about Ain Al Fayda, apart from what I’ve seen on the net. You can walk through Al Ain Oasis for an hour or more: it’s very pretty and serene. I have photos but I haven’t put them on this site yet. One day! 🙂

  22. Hi Crish, i was visit to Al Ain Paradise on 20 Jan 2012, when i was reach there i feel sad, i found that place still under project, may u lets me know when the garden will be opening please, Warm Wishes, Rema (ABU DHABI)

  23. Hi Rema,
    I’m disappointed that these gardens are still not open, especially as I am sure there was a sign in the summer to say they would open again in October — and here we are in January, and the place is still closed. It will open soon though! 🙂 — around February 1. As soon as it’s open I’ll email everyone on the mailing list — so DO sign up top right of your browser window! 🙂

  24. Hi Chris,
    Many thanks for great e-book you created. It was very helpful when we moved to Al Ain from Dubai in 2011 and of course it’s very helpful now. Even if we know Al Ain a little bit more.
    I’ve just wanted to add a bit more information about weekend activity in Al Ain. Very attractive waterpark was opened just near Green Mubazzarah. This is Wadi Adventure. You can enjoy with nice surfing there, kayaking, rafting. They also have air park facility, family and kids pools. And of course some cafes to eat something after you finish enjoying!
    They have own website
    Thanks again for your great work!

  25. I have been to Al Ain Paradise last week……if any one is planning to go their please dont be laste to visit.
    everyone likes flowers especially children would love……..
    my 2 year kid was soo happy seeing all those flowers….different colours……

  26. Hi Ella,
    Thanks for this.
    I have now added a page about Wadi Adventure to this site here — and quoted you too! 🙂

  27. I love Alain Paradise garden ………. me living in alain from last 7 years I LOVE ALAIN and specially paradise Garden

  28. Hi Chris,
    I would just like to say thank you for compiling such a useful guide to Al Ain.
    I have been here only two weeks and I am still finding my feet. Your guide and and website have made me feel much more at home now that I know where everything is.
    Your advice on the opticians is particularly useful as I left my glasses behind in UK. (There is always one thing!).
    Hope to bump into you one day in town and go for a coffee.

  29. Hi Chris,

    I am planning my visit to Al ain with family on next week. Thank you very much for the details.

    this is of great help.



  30. Thank you Amarkumar! 🙂

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