Grand Cinemas Rotana, Al Ain

I think that the Grand Cinemas is one of the first movie theatres in Al Ain, if not the very first. It’s situated below ground, next to the Rotana Hotel…


They have 4 screens there. One of the smaller screens had a rip about a foot long (30 cms) in the centre right of the screen when I went with a mate to see a non-blockbuster movie in early 2011. I thought it might spoil our viewing but we didn’t notice it during the film.

You’ll find a list of what they’re showing online at the Grand Cinemas website.

If you look at the site on a Wednesday, you’ll only see information on films which open the next evening, so if you want to find out what’s on that night, you’ll have to call, and talk with someone whose English isn’t great. As films sometimes have unusual titles, this can be a challenging process!!

Also, if you see a time listed for a film that you want to see, and you have a spare moment, take the time to ring the cinema to confirm the time. Why? Because the staff here do say whenever I ring to always check the times by phone as the website isn’t always accurate. (The staff at the Bawadi Mall Grand Cinemas say the same thing.)

Phone the Rotana Grand Cinemas on 03 754 4447.

Other cinemas in Al Ain…

Al Ain Mall (4 screens too)

Alliance Francaise

Al Foah Mall (5 screens; opened January 2012)

Bawadi Mall Grand Cinemas

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