Al Ain English Speaking School Community Library

The Al Ain English Speaking School Community Library is currently open Fridays, 11am to 1pm, and Sundays 2.30pm-4pm. The library is always open on Fridays, even during holidays.

(The library is generally open most days from 2.30pm to at least 3pm as children pop in after they finish school.)

You don’t have to have children at the school to take out books. The yearly joining fee is about £25 for a family. Contact Asa, one of the librarians, at asalives at for more information.

This is a shot of the building containing the library…

AESS library

Here are 3 of the 6 tall bookcases containing books for adults…


And there are loads of books for children too…


Al-Ain-English-School-community-library 3

Books suitable for secondary school age children are in a different library inside the main part of the school and aren’t currently accessible to families who don’t have children at the school.

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