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You’ll find a lot of help here…

The Living in Al Ain section of the British Expats site.

Niala News is excellent. Emails are sent out daily with news about the town. Niala is Al Ain backwards. These emails go out to more than 1,000 ex-pats in Al Ain. You’ll get emails about…

  • maids needed
  • maids being offered – as a family is leaving town
  • items for sale (often as people are leaving)
  • activities like used uniform sales at the Al Ain English Speaking School
  • new delivery services for top-quality food
  • services offered, like personal fitness training, Reiki treatments
  • and much more!

There’s a group on Yahoo Groups called alainexpats. You’ll get a post or 2 every couple of days. This is a great place for asking questions, and most questions do get answered.

There’s also Al Ain Blogs, run by Mohammed Randeree, born in Bradford, England of all places, who now lives in Al Ain.

If you want to buy a car, a great place to go is which is very like ebay. When I was searching for a Toyota Prado, I searched dubizzle regularly, and I was the first to visit one car and agreed to buy it straight away as it was exactly what I wanted. A few days later the seller told me he had had ‘a thousand’ calls about the car. Maybe he really meant he had a couple of hundred calls. But it shows how popular this site is for car buyers!

You can buy the main guide to the Abu Dhabi Emirate (which includes info on Al Ain), Abu Dhabi Explorer, from amazon.

The publishers also produce a nice little folding map to Al Ain (pictured).

Abu Dhabi Aug 15 2010Al Ain map