Learn Pilates with Thuy Burritt in Al Ain

If you’d like to tone up your body, you may want to try out Pilates, if you haven’t already. A Vietnamese lady moved from the States to Al Ain several years ago, and now has a thriving Pilates practice in a mirror-lined studio in her home. She’s called Thuy Burritt (pronounced “Twee”), and you can reach her on 050 321 8677.

This is a photo of Thuy demonstrating a Pilates position in the desert…


Thuy’s email address is fit.plates at yahoo.com, and you can also find her on Facebook.

At the moment she has 30-40 clients, so she is fully booked, but you can go on her waiting list, and she’ll get back with you when she has a free slot.

4 Replies to “Learn Pilates with Thuy Burritt in Al Ain”

  1. Tammi-Louise says:

    Hi Thuy,
    My friend and I are interested in doing a pilates class while we are here in Al Ain (Until January). Are you taking any clients at the moment? If so, what are class times and rates?

    Kind Regards,

  2. Hi Tammi-Louise,
    Thanks for the message but you’ll need to contact Thuy through her own website.

  3. Mouza ateeq says:

    Hi i want join with you on your classes and wher is your locathion. Thank you

  4. Mouza, Contact Thuy directly.
    This site is not connected with this studio! 🙂

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