Triumph over life’s challenges


This is pure self promotion!

Since I moved to Al Ain more than a year ago I’ve been helping people here and overseas (by phone etc) to triumph over the challenges/problems in their lives.

I have talked with people with relationship issues, depression, sleeplessness, money worries, problems with their children, and so on.

I see people in the day or evening.

I am not a ‘pure’ life coach, therapist or counsellor, though I have done courses or studied the texts such people have studied. I call myself a facilitator: I help people move forward in life by offering new perspectives and sharing various tools I’ve developed or learned from others. And I have done this for the last 17 years.

(If you want pure life coaching, therapy or counselling, you’ll find suitable people in Dubai or Abu Dhabi.)

If you want to know more, you can download a pdf version of my 8-page brochure here, which lists my qualifications, and tells you more about how I work. (If you have a Mac, press the Alt/Option key before you click on the link.)

You can also go to my main site at where you’ll find things such as videos which aren’t in the brochure (of course), and articles. Or you can click on the Triumph advert I’ve placed on the right.

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