House moving and removal service in Al Ain

Sunil Sulekha

If you’re moving house in Al Ain, this is the guy we used: Sunil Sulekha (pictured on the right). He was the ‘go to’ guy at educational supplier Nord Anglia’s office in Al Ain before they closed it down. (He did a fab job supporting all the staff with document attesting, getting repairs done, getting furniture, etc.)

Sunil hails from India and lives in Al Ain with his wife and young family. He has a terrific sense of humour and perfect English. In our first 2 years in Al Ain, if we needed anything done in our home, Sunil handled it. Nothing was too much trouble for him.

Sunil now runs a business helping people with…

  • house moving
  • airport drop and pick up
  • arranging all kind of maintenance for villas and apartments
  • arranging documents attesting and legal translation
  • villa and apartment cleaning

Here is a photo of his guys filling their truck with our belongings when he moved us into our new villa…

House moving removals Al Ain

You can contact Sunil by emailing him: suniljasmin2000 at

Or ring him on 050 7138 155.

Please let him know that you find out about him via me, Chris Payne at the Al Ain Enthusiast site.

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  1. Andria says:

    Hi Sir, I planning to move my 4 bed room Villa I need a professional packers and movers to move. I need them to store some stuff also.
    I prefer english speaking packing crews and VAN/TRUCK must be closed.

  2. admin says:

    Hi Andrea,
    Give Sunil a call: his English is superb and he will supervise the work being done by his crew. I’m sure he can get a closed van to transport your goods. If that option is not good enough, you’ll need to look elsewhere. If you get great service, please would you let me know: then I can add this info to this site.

  3. Andria says:

    Hi Sir,thanks for the comment.I used another mover they are professional company.I posted my opinion about them in this forum after my move.But now when i was searching something else, shocked my post is not yet activated/issued.
    Hope this will be activated/issued.

  4. Iain Carr says:

    Hi Chris,

    We got sunil to help with some of our documents etc.. He was very helpful and done a great job. We were left in the lurch as my wife’s PRO left the school and we were on our own. My wife had all her documents done by the school but myself and our two children had to get it done with sunils help (and yours). would recommend anyone who is in the same situation to get sunil to help.



  5. Various home removals companies are there but one must go for the best one by doing a little research work so that it won”t be a problem for you later on.For a systematic and managed tour while you are moving home or office you need to give yourself an adequate amount of time to get the whole thing in order so that you won’t be rushing on the last day.Some housing tips are
    Label your electrical and boxes,Create a room plan for your new house,Choose the right removal company which best suites your needs.

  6. Andria says:

    Hi Sir,Let me post number also it could be very usefull to all visitors if looking for a Professional Mover.Try 050 5180866.

  7. admin says:

    Thanks for these tips! 🙂


  8. admin says:

    Hi Iain,

    Thanks for this! Sunil really is a wonderful man. I have always find him very helpful, and has gone out of his way for me and others.


  9. My Mover says:

    Hi Chris Thanks for this wonderfull site.
    I called both SUNIL and ALM mover which is mentioned here for my moving estimate.But unfortunately Sunil doesnt have closed truck and its not a moving company.I selected the ALM moving comapany by recomendation of this site as well as a friend of mine used them.They done a great service.Mine is a 5 bedroom villa.I am pretty happy with them PROFESSIONAL SERVICE very punctual.050 5180866


  10. jim says:

    Last week We used Globe Link International Movers and they were pretty good. Their rate is also very nominal , will pack carefully and they are very punctual too. They will follow the instructions and will also unpack for you in your new residence. One thing, they are very very fast —- so you MUST be around them at all times to see that the right stuff goes in the right box. It will be much easier if you label the stuff beforehand, as to which room in your new place you want them to go to .
    They start by around 9 in the morning & by evening 6 pm they are done !!!!
    Their all crews are from India-kerala and they all are very nice.If anybody need the same service you can contact to Mr Thomas-055 9948106

    Hope this helps ; have a safe and hassle free moving.

  11. Fay says:

    Thanks Andria , we used ALMARAZEEQ 050 5180866 good service they are very Professional just moved my furniture,recently and i liked the way they done it.Good Service one more thing i noticed puntual timing.I reccomend them.

  12. James says:

    Hi,I had moved my home around 4 times in AL AIN.I was using different moving companies but some where avg and some where too bad.Last time i moved with MARAZEEQ MOVERS 050-5180866 as recomended.Pretty nice & Professional service with punctual timing.They moved my whole 3 bhk furniture without single scratch.I am happy to share my experience.

  13. Best option says:

    I used the above recommended movers good service happy to post about thier hard working,specialist moving people and they are very punctual and professional.
    050 5180866.

  14. Shahbaz says:

    Hello Friends,

    I haven`t found this site before.One of my friend told about this he moved by using a company which is recommended here.
    But i used SOLID MOVERS to move my villa.Terrible service they made a day of my life full of problems.Lot of damages,scratches,guys were very slow and no supervisor, i think its a team of PATTAN.Please don`t use this company (better not to use any PATTAN to move Please stay away)

  15. admin says:

    Hi Shahbaz,
    Thanks for your advice.

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