Would you like a website?


This is my second bit of self promotion. (This is my first.)

If you’d like a website like this one, do get in touch with me. I spend most of my time helping people triumph over the challenges in their lives, but I also have clients who want to have a website which brings in business for them.

I will talk with you and explain how to create a site that gets visited by interested prospects, and how to turn them into paying clients/customers.

I would do a bit of the work myself on the site, but most of the work I outsource to a team of people I know and trust.

Some of my other sites are at…





On this last site you can click on the About box and find out the businesses I’ve run, and the successes I’ve had – as well as some of the many ‘mistakes’ I’ve made!

2 Replies to “Would you like a website?”

  1. Hi Chris,

    This is nice Site with Loads of information.

    My suggestion is that if you can add a category called “FORUM” where people can share information/experiance with the people who need the same.

    Also you can add “Classifieds” where genuine buyers and sellers meet.

    Thanks and regards,

  2. Hi Sandhya,
    Thanks for the ideas.
    However the Al Ain Expats site has a forum and classified section so it’s best for you to go there.

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