Crowne Plaza Hotel, Sohar, Oman

This terrific hotel is only a 65-minute drive from the Hilton Hotel in Al Ain – so it’s much closer than Abu Dhabi or Dubai for a quick getaway.

You can get across the border 2 ways…

  • by driving past the Hilton, heading east
  • via the Hili border crossing

Don’t try crossing at the border next to the Lulu Hypermarket as we did – unless you’re a GCC resident!

The hotel is very new, and has real 5-star appeal. We got a deal including half-price massage: and this was an excellent 60-minute session.

Here is a snap of it…


…and this one is what it looks like as you drive from Al Ain: the hotel is up on a little hill on your left, about 25 minutes from the final border crossing…


The hotel is 25 minutes from the sea, which was fine by us: we just drove down the next day to check it out.

You may find the price here to be cheaper than the Sohar Beach Hotel which is on the coast, but that is a little ‘tired’ by all accounts, and not quite what we want from a hotel.

I didn’t take many photos there. But you can play table tennis…


…and snooker…


…and there are 4 lanes for 10-pin bowling….


Just a short video from the pool area…

[jwplayer mediaid=”2507″]

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