Abela Supermarket in Al Ain

A very popular supermarket for ex-pats in Al Ain is Abela which is located in the far west of the town, near Tawam Hospital, and next to the large Oasis Village compound where many doctors and others live.

Here’s the outside…


Here’s the entrance to the store on the left…

Abela-supermarket-Al-Ain 2

Also inside this building is a pharmacy/chemist, a toy shop, a florist, and a bank. And on the right hand side is Abela’s pork shop. The sign above the entrance says it’s for non-Muslims…

Abela-supermarket-Al-Ain 3

We love shopping at Abela as the bread is superb. Amir, Abela’s manager, is a lovely guy, and he says the bread is baked fresh every day, and any bread that is unsold each day is thrown away. He told me that there are 2 Abela supermarkets in Abu Dhabi. The owner is Lebanese.

Abela has a great range of magazines and newspapers. Prices are similar to Lulu’s but Abela can be more expensive for non-mainstream fresh vegetables. By that I mean that prices are similar for tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, potatoes, onions, apples, bananas, etc – but Abela is more expensive for strawberries, aubergines (zucchini), green beans, etc.

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