Book Oasis: secondhand bookshop in Al Ain

There is now a secondhand bookshop in Al Ain called Book Oasis. The owners believe it is the very first such shop in Al Ain, and, in fact, may be the only secondhand bookshop in the whole of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi!

Inside, the shop looks like this…

Book Oasis bookshop Al Ain

Most of the books are in English, but Book Oasis also stocks assorted German, French, Swedish and Afrikaans titles too.

Book Oasis has a Facebook page here…

And a website at…

Their book purchase policy is as follows…

They only accept fiction and non-fiction books in good condition. Technical books, comics and textbooks are not accepted. They refund 50% on all returned books with the Book Oasis stamp!

Here’s a map showing you how to get there…

Book Oasis bookshop map

It’s located near the Greenland Compund and Christmas Tree roundabout in the west of Al Ain. In other words, it’s not far from Tawam Hospital, the Palm Rugby Club, and Abela supermarket.

Opening hours:
Sunday to Thursday: 10am to 1pm, 4pm to 8pm
Saturday: 1pm to 6pm
Closed all day Friday.

Phone the shop at 050 5338743, or email mail [at]

Do go along and check this store out! 

And if you do pop by, or phone/email, please would you say that you heard about Book Oasis from the Al Ain Enthusiast site? Thanks! 🙂

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  1. Thanks, Chris.

    Book Oasis now has close to five thousand English language titles in stock, most of which are paperback and hardback novels by popular authors. We also have a growing number of non-fiction titles, ranging from history and biographies to resident/travel guides and popular science, and everything in between.

    We sell books for around 50% of the list price, or less – sometimes vastly less – depending of course on the condition of the book and other factors. As you correctly state, if a book has the Book Oasis stamp on one of the first few pages then you can return the title and, if it is still in the same sort of condition, you will receive 50% of the price refunded.

    As a secondhand bookshop we of course also purchase books. You can peruse our book purchase policy on our website, though it is also recommended that you pop into the shop to take a look at the type and condition of books we stock (and thus buy). If you have books of similar genres and condition then please do bring them in! We do not buy textbooks or study guides, I am afraid, and if it is a title we already have more than one copy of then we also may decline to buy it. Otherwise, the chances are that we will take the books off your hands!

    In addition to the large range of English language titles, we also currently stock some Dutch, Afrikaans, and Swedish titles, and have an extensive collection of German and French fiction.

    Last but not least, we also have a large selection of children’s books and teenager fiction.

    We hope to see you at Book Oasis soon!

  2. JYOTHI says:

    thats one great news!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Jameel says:

    Excellent. I read about this unpublicised place in oasis living this week. I was missing one in Al Ain. It will be an oppurtunity to read more books and swap them. ( of course at a cost). I commend the idea and efforts of the organisers. The only ‘bad’ thing is I can only visit on Saturdays bet 1-4pm due to my work schedule. Cheers.
    Dr. Jameel, Ain Al Khaleej Hospital

  4. admin says:

    Hi Jameel, Do contact the bookshop directly via their site: I’m not linked with the bookshop at all — just an ardent supporter! 🙂 Chris

  5. Dina says:

    I cannot believe this. I have been trying to go to the two second hand book stores in Abu Dhabi, but my work schedule doesn’t allow me to. This is amazing news. Definitely visiting this Saturday.
    The two second hand bookstores in Abu Dhabi are BooknBean Cafe in Yas Island, and Thrift on Hamdan street, behind Sun & Sand Sports. Both of them have great selections and operate similarly to this one.

    Cannot thank you enough for covering this place. I’m so grateful.


  6. admin says:

    Hi Dina,
    Thanks for this excellent information! 🙂

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