Buying from ebay

I have bought a number of things from while I’ve been in Al Ain. I have simply chosen products from companies, say, in Hong Kong, who will ship worldwide for free or a low cost.

I’ve bought…

A waterproof camera case (£3.99 + free p&p) (pictured with my camera inside and lens extended: worked great on the ‘rides’ at the Aquaventure waterpark in Dubai!)


A rubber case for my iPhone 4 (£2.49 + free p&p) [50AED in shops in Al Ain]

A rubber case for my iPad (£2.99 + 99p p&p) [about 200AED in shops in Al Ain]…


A slip case for my iPad (US$1.98+$1.99 p&p) [again about 200AED in shops in Al Ain]…


Delivery takes about 1-2 weeks, and everything I’ve ordered has arrived.

So whatever hobby etc you’re into, consider using ebay.

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