Buying jewellery in Al Ain

My wife decided to surprise me with a diamond ring for my recent 50th birthday. She asked a work colleague for advice about where to buy such a thing, and her friend recommended she visit Mr Ashok Kumar at the Lifestyle jewellers in the Intercontinental Hotel…


Ashok is from Delhi in India and has been in Al Ain for 2 years. This is him with one of his most expensive items:  a Coronet Solitaire which retails for 51,200 AED (£9,000) which he is offering with a 70% discount at 15,300 AED (£2,700)…


I’m delighted with the ring my wife gave me. Go visit Ashok if you’re in the market for some jewellery, or try many of the other jewellers in the town where I’m sure you’ll find some great prices.

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