Daiso in Al Ain for knick knacks

If you’re looking for good quality knick knacks in Al Ain, then Daiso may be just what you’re looking for. There are 2 stores in the town: one in the Bawadi Mall…


…and one in the centre of the town, opposite Al Noor Hospital and Choithrams.

Here is a list of some of the items you’ll find there, and most items cost 7 AED (£1.25) (up from 5 AED a year or 2 ago)…

Post-It Notes, binders, photo frames, spectacles, pencil cases, CD/DVD cases, headphones, cables, mouse mats, kitchen timers, batteries, bookstands, wooden back massagers, flip flops, slippers, cushions, folding stools, door mats, crockery, origami paper, Rubik’s Cube, pots and pans, cuddly toy. Didn’t they do well?

Daiso is a Japanese brand, so all the packaging has Japanese writing on it and looks very appealing. Daiso has 3,500 stores around the world, and produces 90,000 different products, but only 30,000 of them are available in Al Ain. Here is a display of pens in the Bawadi Mall store…


The town centre store covers 3 floors but has the same number of lines as the Bawadi branch, according to the manager I had a chat with the other day.

Daiso serves a billion customers around the world, and did US$3 billion of sales in 2004 in Japan alone, which I’m sure is the result of great quality and keen prices.

Bawadi Mall branch telephone number: 03 784 0510

Al Noor branch telephone number: 03 766 2855

The company has a website at www.daisome.com which shows many photos of the kind of products they sell.

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  1. There is also a Diaso in the new Al Foah Mall(the big silver box)

  2. Hi, i visited this store 2 weeks ago. Store looks fantastic. And all the staff helpful. I appreciate.

  3. Do they have a website?

  4. Hi Ricardo,
    Yes: go to http://www.daisome.com.

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