iStore in Al Ain selling Apple Macs, iPhones, iPads and iPods

If you’re a fan of Apple’s products like the MacBook Pro, iMac, iPad, iPhone, and iPod, then you’ll be well served in Al Ain.

iStore opened in the new wing of the Al Ain Mall in January 2012.

This was terrific news for Apple lovers like me and my family…

IMG 1202

The store is located opposite the wonderfully stylish Shakespeare and Co. tea rooms.

Here’s Shakespeare and Co…


…and here’s iStore opposite…


iStore-Al-Ain-Apple 2

iStore-Al-Ain-Apple 3

An old MacBook Pro of mine developed a fault early in 2011, which meant a 90-minute drive to the iStore in the centre of Dubai to drop it off, then a 90-minute journey back home again. Then another 3 hours of driving a week later to pick up the fixed device.

Now, with this new iStore in Al Ain, if you buy a Mac or other Apple product in this store and it goes faulty, you can hand it over the counter and they’ll arrange for its repair.

You can also buy Apple computers at Sharaf DG, the big electronics store nearby in the Mall, for about the same price (there were a few variations around 100 dirhams when I price checked recently).

8 Replies to “iStore in Al Ain selling Apple Macs, iPhones, iPads and iPods”

  1. Yasin mohammed says:

    Hi i am from iceland i wouldlike to buy mac boob pro 15 inc can u tell me how much is will bee pricee for that pls my btother he is live in alain and he can contect u so pls soon as u get this mail can u reply me thanks

  2. Hi Yasin,
    You’ll see from this article a rough guide to the price you’ll pay. On another page on this site you’ll see the prices of MacBook Pros at Sharaf DG in Al Ain. You can give one or both a call if you need to know more.

  3. Hi, New apple ipad3 to be launch on march 7 in San francisco nextweek. How many days i will wait to become available in your iStore? Because i want to buy 1pc. for my personal use. Iam from Al Ain. Thank you…

    Pls reply me as soon as posible.


  4. Hi Adrian,
    Thank you for your message but this site has no connection with the iStore! Sorry!
    I simply comment on what’s available here in Al Ain.
    Contact the iStore directly.

  5. Hi, about two years ago i purchased an ipod touch from Canada, and just yesterday it stopped working. it’s been on the “turn off” mode with the loading sign all night. I wanted to get the iStore’s phone number to see if they are able to fix or or do anything about it.
    thanks so much

  6. Hi Mariam,

    Ring Directory Enquiries to get the number.

    Though I do know that iStore in Al Ain doesn’t fix Apple devices they haven’t sold themselves: you have to drive to Dubai to get your iPad fixed. Sorry!


  7. hey, i want to update my mac os x 10.5.8 to mac os mountain loin. how much will it cost if i ask you to update my software?

  8. Hi Hamza, Go to the store or ring them and ask: I have no link to this shop as this is a hobby site of mine! 🙂

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