Melanie Graham: an artist in Al Ain

If you’re looking for artwork to adorn your home in Al Ain, check out Melanie Graham.

She was selling her work at a recent fair at Al Ain English Speaking School…

IMG 7209

Here are a few of her pieces in detail…

IMG 7210

IMG 7211

During a brief chat with her, she says she creates these beauties using a spoon!

Melanie writes…

“Here’s a short history of the swirly painting. Like so many brilliant ideas it all began in a café in Amsterdam. They served their coffee in a clear mug. The beauty of the white milk swirling into the black coffee inspired me to try and capture that spontaneous and fleeting masterpiece of Mother Nature through art. I began photographing food colour swirling through milk and was pleased with the result but didn’t find it fulfilling. I really wanted to do the same thing on a canvas with paint. Three years later I finally achieved the effect I wanted and so the swirly painting came to be.”

And here she says about herself…

“I was born in Illinois, U.S.A. I moved to Arkansas, U.S.A. in 1992. My husband John and I, along with our son Jack, came to Al Ain in 2006 when John accepted a position at U.A.E.U. and we have been living here happily ever since. I worked for several schools in town before settling at Sunflower School which has a wonderfully friendly school community. The support and encouragement I have received since bringing my paintings out has been amazing. Thank you to everyone who has had a hand in it.”

All the paintings can be viewed at Melanie’s Swirly Paintings on Facebook. The email contact info is

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