Newspapers and magazines

The Sunday Times UK-originated newspaper is printed and published in Dubai every Sunday, so you can buy this on Sunday mornings at various outlets around Al Ain. The price is 20 dirhams which is about £3.50.

There isn’t a magazine inside: articles from the UK magazine are integrated into the Culture Section which is printed on newsprint.

You can also buy many popular magazines from the UK and America in the hotels and supermarkets, such as Oprah Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Men’s Health magazine, and many others – but at a price.

You may prefer to download some of these magazines if you have a device such as the iPad. For example, the downloaded version of a magazine like Wired will cost you less than half the price of the printed version on sale in an outlet in the UAE.

Where to buy newspapers and magazines…

• Hilton Hotel: in the bookshop to the far right of Reception

• Intercontinental Hotel: in the bookshop: go past Reception and turn down the first corridor on your left: the shop is on your right




• Lulu supermarket, Kuwaitat: immediately on your left as you enter the store, next to the first till

• Abela supermarket, near the Tawam roundabout

• Spinney’s supermarket, on the road out to Abu Dhabi

• Carrefour supermarket, Bawadi Mall: newspapers immediately on your left as you enter the store, next to the first till; magazines are on the far right wall, half way up the store

• Carrefour supermarket, Al Jimi Mall: from memory these are just inside the entrance, a little to the right

• Jashanmal (a small 2-storey department store in the centre of Al Ain): to the left of the entrance




There are no doubt other places, which I’ll add as I come across them.

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