Noticeboards in Al Ain for buying/selling cars, furniture, etc

I am aware of the following places where you can put up notices around Al Ain…

1. The Hilton Hotel Hiltonia Club (5 dirhams a week): you may have to wait 1-2 weeks for your sheet to be put up as space is limited and demand for slots is high…


2. The Rugby Club at the Palm Resort…


3. Al Jimi Mall

4. Al Ain English Speaking School outdoor glass-covered noticeboards

Also, for completeness, The House Of Arts has a big noticeboard, so Gaby there may accept your poster if it’s relevant.

Drop me a line below if you know of other places.

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  1. Adrian Carey says:

    On your advice i wish to rent and or buy a 4×4 when I move there in August. Are there any dealers you would recommend or what advice would you give us. Thanks

  2. admin says:

    Hi Adrian,
    I can’t recommend a dealer. Most people buy through eBay-type sites. I did! My wife bought from the Hilton Hotel noticeboard.
    I recommend you go see my dear friend Ibrahim. You could ask him to help you buy one, and give him a fee for his time. More info about him here…

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