Martial arts classes in Al Ain

A guy called Andrew emailed me today…

I have to agree this is a great site and very very helpful. My family and I will be moving to Al Ain in the next few months. I was just wondering if you know of any Martial Arts places for my son to do?

Yes, there is actually, but I hadn’t thought to mention this on this site up until now!

There are regular classes held at the Danat Hotel which is situated in the east of Al Ain, past the Hilton Hotel. (The Danat used to be called The Intercontinental or Intercon until a year or 2 ago.)

I know these classes are very popular among adults and children.

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  1. Nabile says:

    Thank you for a very helpful site.

    Are there any swim lessons given in Al Ain?
    Thank you,

  2. Mohammed says:


    I’ve recently moved to Al Ain from London. I am a maths teacher here in a school, but I also teach Tai Chi and Kung Fu to children. You can call me on 055 145 7825, for more info.



  3. admin says:

    Hi Mohammed, I wish you all the very best setting up your Tai Chi and Kung Fu classes! Warmest, Chris

  4. admin says:

    Yes, Nabile: go to the Hilton Hotel, or any of the other hotels, and ask at the Health Club reception. You’ll find teachers there at a fair price.

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