Swimming team at the Hilton Hotel, Al Ain

This is Rami Bou Khodr who teaches swimming at the Hilton Hotel in Al Ain…


He runs the American Swimming Academy. He is Lebanese, and has lived in Al Ain for the last 2 years. I asked him to tell me more about himself. He said, “I am a teacher and examiner for lifeguard courses from the STA in England, which was established in 1932. With that organization I got certified to deal with children with special needs. I also have a certificate from the American Swimming Academy as a pro swimming instructor. I did my first lifeguard course in Dubai in October 2010. I have programs for infants, toddlers, preschoolers and adults.”

He added, “It doesn’t matter what your child’s swimming ability or level is, I can help with swimming coaching for children and adults and also water safety lessons for the younger children.”

He’s very passionate about starting up a swimming team/club for youngsters – and adults too – who are serious about improving their swimming, and are willing to put the energy in to hone that skill.

He offers competitive rates to both members and non-members of the Hilton.

This is his promotional poster…

Rami's swimming poster

He’s a lovely guy, and brilliant with the children – and we often see him in the water working individually with children aged as young as 3 or 4 – so if you want to know more, ring him directly on 050 673 1010.

Hilton Hotel in Al Ain

We spend one afternoon most weekends at the Hilton Hotel in the south east of the town…


…because of its excellent facilities.

There are 3 pools: a laps pool for adults…

laps pool

a paddling pool for infants…

paddling pool


…and a large family pool with water features and a water slide.

Hilton pool

Hilton pool 2

Hilton pool 3

Here’s a video lasting a few minutes, showing the hotel and main pools…

There are some swings and a climbing frame too…

climbing frame

Inside you’ll find two table tennis tables, squash court…

table tennis

…a fully equipped gym…

Hilton gym

…sauna, Jacuzzis, steam room etc.

When children want a break from the heat, or if they just want to slow down after a couple of hours in the pool, they can watch a DVD in a special play room (there are 12-15 DVDs to choose from, ranging from Shawn The Sheep to The Aristocats)…

DVD room

DVD room 2

The lunchtime menu in the restaurant next to the pool…

Hilton restaurant

…is excellent, and the staff are a delight: here are 3 of the 5-strong team: from left to right: Joy, Rameez and Diago…

Hiltonia team

Our children have tennis lessons there every week and they also have fun on the swings and climbing frame. There is also a small putting green for golf enthusiasts. My wife and I have enjoyed massages there from Elizabeta, a skilled masseuse from Romania.

At the entrance to the Hiltonia Club is a busy noticeboard offering cars, apartments, discount furniture and white goods (often at a half to one third of the original purchase price for goods which maybe be only 8-12 months old).


You can use these facilities by paying the day rate, but it’s much more cost-effective to pay for a full year. Often there is a discount depending on which company the main breadwinner works for. And it’s worth knowing that sometimes at the weekend the Hotel facilities are closed to non-members and non-guests.

Weekend activities

Many families with children spend at least a few hours most weekends, or even after school in the afternoons, by the pool. Some villa compounds have a pool, but most people will use a pool at a local hotel or club.

The Hilton Hotel is excellent. See the separate post on it.

There are similar facilities at the Intercontinental Hotel and the Rotana Hotel. There is also a small pool at the rugby club at the Palm Resort. Many of our children’s friends from school go swimming at the weekend so our boys are kept highly entertaining while my wife and I relax by the laps pool. The continual presence of lifeguards helps create a sense of safety and security.