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There’s a great Paintballing Centre in Al Ain called Al Ain Paintball: Desert Storm – which is in the same complex as the Al Ain Raceway karting track.

Here’s what the reception building looks like, with my eldest son, Toby, on the left approaching the entrance, attending a birthday party treat here with several mates. My second son Felix is on the far right, feeling a bit left out, I guess…


I’m not really into guns, but this shot somehow gets my heart racing and the fingers on my right hand twitching!…


Side of bulding…


One of the netted battle areas round the back…




A second, covered battle zone…


I didn’t notice a third battle zone with more varied obstacles in it.

Here are some battle dress on the line…


And a target practice area…


During one battle, Toby got dust in an eye and took off his mask for a few seconds – and got hit on his cheek by a paint pellet. These pellets hurt! Ouch! So if one of your children attends make sure you tell them never to take his/her mask off during a battle!

As well as being a great day out for adults or children on a weekend, this place would be ideal for team building in businesses too.

Al Ain Paintball’s opening times are 4pm to midnight. During Eid it’s open from 12 noon to 12 midnight.

Call 050 773 2818.

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  1. I wanna know the prices of the paintball games

  2. Hi Ahmed,
    Please contact the Paintball Club directly.
    This is just an information site for people in Al Ain and not linked to the Club in any way! 🙂

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