Picnicking or camping in the desert near Al Ain

Wherever you live in Al Ain, it’s easy to forget that as little as a 15-minute drive will take you into the desert. Many Al Ainians love going for picnics or overnight camps, especially during the winter months.

Here are a few notes from my limited experience!…

It’s easy to get stuck in the sand – so do bring a tow rope like the one our friends brought when we went picnicking together recently…

IMG 4254

When I turned my car round and reversed close, my car got stuck too! Our friend Jake let down all the tyres to 10-15psi to get more traction…

IMG 4259

Consider buying a small pressure gauge (from the likes of Daiso) – and an electric tyre pump. My pump is powered from the cigarette lighter, and cost me about 60 dirhams. Jake’s is powered from croc clips attached directly to the car battery – and this pumps up the tyres faster.

Bring a shovel too!

Our boys loved playing on the dunes: throwing a ball…

IMG 4301

…and leaping off sand dunes…

IMG 4379

IMG 4384

The dunes provide a good backdrop for photos…

IMG 4369

IMG 4375

IMG 4315

Jake’s wife, Suzanne, brought pre-cooked chicken curry and rice which we ate on rugs. You can see the shopping centre with Spinney’s and La Brioche inside in the background of this photo, so we didn’t go far to get into the ‘wild’!…

IMG 4388

Marshmallows are fun to roast if you build a fire. My wife Catherine stuck several onto a branch…

IMG 4390

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  1. Teejay says:

    Searching for some advice, specific to camping in al ain. Thanks Teejay

  2. admin says:

    The best thing is to talk with other people who have camped in the outskirts.
    Watch out by the way: it gets very cold at night! Brrr… πŸ™‚

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