UAE Offroaders

UAE Offroaders boasts more than 500 members. A number of them live in Al Ain.


I have nabbed the following text from an article at the UAE Offroaders site.

“UAE Offroaders is a club of fun, desert-loving UAE residents, organised specifically to give newbies a safe and encouraging support network to get started, as well as running challenging trips for experienced drivers and a support network for 4×4-related issues.

“Membership with UAE Offroaders is free, and they boast more than 500 members. Lee Khalfan al Romaithi, aka Lionbar on the online forum, is one of the club founders. He explains that the goal of the club is to offer the chance for people in the UAE to experience and appreciate the various terrains and outstanding beauty of the country. The club also aims to show people that the desert is not desolate or lifeless; rather, it is teaming with wildlife, and that the desert deserves respect.

“And UAE Offroaders is much more than a hobby club. As a social network, the members trade advice and expertise; even jobs and company deals are found and made. As a community-oriented organisation, UAE Offroaders also organises events such as the Pink Drive, an off-road journey last weekend in support of breast cancer patients at Tawam Hospital – 60 cars plus marshals were involved, raising Dh9,105.

It was Jeff Evans, Secondary headmaster of Secondary at Al Ain English Speaking School, who told me about UAE Offroaders – and there’s a quote from him in the article…

“The new hero is Jeff Evans, a 39-year-old Welsh educator. “We decided to join UAE Offroaders to experience the great rolling sandy expanses around Al Ain and Abu Dhabi and really take advantage of being in this country. It makes a welcome change from malls and hotels.

“We knew a few friends who drive and camp off-road and we wanted to learn a new skill and meet new friends. Our first trip was as passengers with one of the marshals, who made it look very easy in his modified Jeep with huge fat tyres. My kids and I had an amazing trip once we got used to the ups and downs and being parked right at the top of a steep bowl, while our guide helped the newcomers manage the drive.”

Go to the site to read the full article.

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  1. Richard Moss says:

    I’ve been a member of UAE Offroaders for 6 months now, since buying my first 4×4 (a Jeep grand Cherokee). The club members are excellent and will freely advise, guide and support “rookies” as they gain experience and skill.

    Offroading is one of the joys of living in the UAE – easy access to interesting and challenging desert conditions, combined with affordable cars and fuel, make it easy to join in. If you own a suitable 4×4 then I would suggest signing up at the website and giving it a try. Even if you don’t have a suitable car, you can usually blag a passenger ride with someone who does.

  2. Richard Moss says:

    ps: See the April 2012 issue of Oasis Living for an article on the club and one of its events.

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